Welcome to Fleur de Neige our apartment in

Thollon les Memises

in the Haute Savoie region of France, situated on the French side of Lake Geneva above Evian Les Bains.

The apartment is available for friends and colleagues. We do consider new friends who are prepared to tell us about themselves!

We use the apartment,so its more our home in the mountains, from time to time. Contributions are just to help with the usual exenses.

We do enjoy the apartment and the local attractions, and are more than happy to share and give recomendations and advice. We bought the apartment to enjoy in winter for the excellent and varied skiing, friendly atmosphere and wonderfull summers to enjoy the lake and surrounding countryside.

Please do browse this site and contact us for further details.

The apartment has two double bedrooms and a coin montagne (bunk beds) so will sleep 6.

A great location for summer or winter. A car is required. It has we believe one of the best views of Lake Geneva.

A journey by car to Thollon les Memises, can be done in 9 hours from Calais or we suggest adding an over night stay at Troyes (out) or Rheims (return) and make these cities part of the holiday.

Geneva airport is just over 1.5 hours (50 km) away from Thollon, maybe more if traffic is heavy, less at quiet times! There are cheap flights with easyjet and then hire a car from Geneva airport.

An excellent resource for visitors to Thollon les Memises is a an English web site. Lots of information aimed at the English speaking visitor to Thollon.

Welcome to Fleur de Neige Apartment,
Thollon les Memises,
Haute Savoie region of France,
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